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The Importance of Marketplaces for eCommerce Expansion

As an Enterprise or Mid-Level eCommerce player in today’s world, it is necessary to expand your business into marketplaces. From 2017 to 2022, retail eCommerce sales in the United States have more than doubled, jumping from $425 billion to more than $875 billion. And that growth will continue further. As

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The 5 Stages of Business Transformation

In today’s business climate, transformation is no longer something extraordinary. It has become an accepted process through which companies are constantly optimizing and readjusting to a volatile and complex environment. It falls to leaders to plot a path forward, and our research shows that they are changing not only the

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Don’t Grow, Don’t Shrink – Optimize!

To grow or not to grow? That is not the question in today’s business world. There is a third and better, more efficient option of optimization, and the answer is always ‘yes.’ Business optimization is the future, and many leaders, your competitors, are realizing this now and already optimizing towards

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3 Tips for Global UI/UX Design | GlobalEdgeMarkets

3 Tips for Global UI/UX Design

Globalization is here, and it means an exciting era for design, specifically for design in User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). How users interact with web design differs across the globe, but there are some common themes that UI/UX experts have noticed in good (and bad) design. Below are 3

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Social Media as Lead Generation | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Social Media as Lead Generation

In a highly competitive market with lots of diversity, generating leads can be difficult. The market is noisy, crowded, and cutt-throat. Many marketers these days turn to social media as a means of lead generation, and you may ask, like many have, if social media is a viable platform to

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Your Guide to Customer Success: The Basics | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Your Guide to Customer Success: The Basics

Over the last few decades, customer expectations, cultural trends, and increased industry competitiveness has urged businesses to put customer success as a top priority. In order for customers to continue growing their lifetime value with a certain company, they must feel success with the product or service that they’re purchasing.

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Risk Management in Times of Crisis | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Risk Management in Times of Crisis

4 Strategies You Should Revisit Now Going back just a few years, could you imagine then that a worldwide pandemic would soon change our lives and how we conduct business forever? Many didn’t, but some did. Some businesses thrived in spite of and even because of the Covid-19 pandemic, while

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Drive Conversions with Enhanced UI/UX Design | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Drive Conversions with Enhanced UI/UX Design

As an eCommerce business owner, you want your customers to have the ability to easily navigate your website and hopefully make a final purchase. Online shopping is meant to be convenient for shoppers and forcing them to play find-and-seek just to find what they’re looking for will send them looking

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Welcome to gem academy! | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Welcome to GEM Academy!

After lots of preparation and a goal to provide our clients and customers with informative and high-quality solutions for ultimate business success, we are excited to announce the launch of GEM Academy!  GEM Academy is your top source for all things sales, marketing, and market entry materials to educate you

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Business | GlobalEdgeMarkets

5 Ways to Optimize Your Business

Regardless of if you’ve been running a business for years, or just launched a startup last week, business optimization is crucial to the development and success of any organization. Our world today is practically run by technology. We all have phones, a computer, or even a smartwatch that monitors our

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Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Resilient in 2022 | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Resilient in 2022

Business resilience is defined as an organization’s ability to act quickly and efficiently to adapt to potentially hindering disruptions while maintaining business operations, assets, employee security, and overall brand equity. Over the last two years, the biggest hindrance to almost every industry was, quite obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic. Anything from

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Can Small Businesses Benefit From Blockchain? | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Can Small Businesses Benefit From Blockchain?

All over business news these days are headlines about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The attention to the subject prompts a persistent question: can small businesses benefit from the blockchain? The answer is yes. And, according to an article from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2021 has become the year when

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Global M&A Trends: Poised For a Record Year | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Global M&A Trends: Poised For a Record Year

As the world emerges from the global pandemic and an unprecedented disruption of business, mergers and acquisitions activity has been robust. Companies and investors have been on an unprecedented shopping spree throughout 2021. Some notable brands have changed hands, and many smaller companies are finding themselves attractive targets to be

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Will investors put money into a small service company? No. | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Will investors put money into a small service company? No.

Many investors and startups and solopreneurs are asking me — will or should the investors put money into a predominantly services company or a one-person shop? Examples of these businesses are solo creative practitioners (photographers, small studios, small digital agencies with single owners, freelance developers, fashion designers with relatively unknown

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