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all hands on deck

The one answer that people from a previous generation will give you when speaking against the newly digitized world of marketing is “Nothing replaces one on one customer service”. And they are right!

2020 really put the spotlight on the importance of retention. But retention doesn’t just boil down to the efforts of Customer Success.

This past year, many companies were forced to adjust their strategies in order to meet customer goals, mainly to focus retention and prevent losing customers following the outbreak of Covid-19. This meant all hands on deck to help keep an eye on the effects of their deliverables on the customer.

Personalization will still be the key to success

In 2021, customer success metrics will influence every department. From sales and marketing to product and finance – every single team will focus on customer metrics to prevent further loss of customers.

The level of personalization you offer your customers can be a determining factor in their success. A personalized approach isn’t just wanted – it’s expected.

But with so many tools available, the challenge lies in creating a unified customer experience that delivers value. Nowadays CS teams communicate with customers in a digital space.

Companies will likely need to increase their efforts of contacting customers in a digital way, but find a balance between automated messages and a personal one-to-one high-touch approach.

to consider

Everyone will provide you a list of basic measures that are required and a standard format for how the function should be staffed, but have you considered, the


Where [the function belongs within the personality of your company]

Why [your customers need a customer success program]

When [to engage]

What [are your goals]

How [to collaborate to drive success]


…within best practices?

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