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As the market and economy have shifted over the past year (2020), financial service and technology companies have struggled a little but seem to be bouncing back. Consumers are buying products and now on a more massive scale online, which has led to a noticeable growth for financial services and eCommerce. To survive in this new era, financial services and FinTech will have to digitize or be left behind in the dust rapidly.

Despite the uncertainty of 2020, fintech and financial services' bullish attitude and innovation will continue.

Are you ready for the change?

 As the Pandemic rolls on and the recession deepens, investors will no longer be satisfied with “growth” and instead will be looking at hard numbers and faster ROI. Investors will now look for personalized and specialized offerings, which are sustainable, that can prove their profitability and longevity. 

Financial services and FinTech players will need to leverage better business models to face the current challenges. We draw on deep experience across multiple industries to help financial services institutions and fintech “challengers” locally and globally in innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back-office costs, align IT, transform digitally, manage risks, acquire new clients, and anticipate new regulatory changes.  

Will you be ready with your solutions?

Will you be well-optimized?

Will you fulfill your financial plan promise?

We personalize our offerings to the needs of our financial services and fintech clients to help them find innovative solutions and realize their full potential in the following areas:

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cogni mobile bank

Digital banking platform that brings you curated brands and experiences

Pond Mobile

A global MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)

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A podcast about Global entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators.

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