Help Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers, women, children and elderly need your help!

The current war in Ukraine will have devastating effects for the civilian population and humanitarian needs are expected to rise. GEM and its partners are coming together to promote channels of assistance to fund support for Ukraine.

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Here's how you can help:

Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can help here:

Urgent help and support for Ukraine - Razom

Razom unites various Ukrainian activists throughout the U.S. and maintains a global network of over 2,000 people of diverse background – doctors, engineers, educators, as well as legal and financial professionals.

International Rescue Committee

The IRC is on the ground in Poland, working with local partners in Poland and Ukraine, to quickly mobilise resources that will provide life-saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes.

Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International USA is a Nobel-Prize winning organization.

After weeks of escalation, a Russian invasion that is likely to lead to the most horrific consequences for human lives and human rights has begun. Civilian lives must be protected.

More ways to help: