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Welcome to GlobalEdgeMarkets!  We are a global strategic consulting boutique and consortium with extensive capabilities and resources worldwide. With years of experience working with start-ups, investors, major brands, and sales/marketing teams, we have a unique ability to develop an impactful strategy for your business locally, regionally, and/or globally. Whether you are looking to enter a new market, show exponential growth, drive operational excellence, or new business using Account-Based Marketing, GlobalEdgeMarkets is your partner. From multibillion-dollar IBM Global Services and BertelsmannAG to fast-growing Silicon Valley, Austin, TX, and New York City start-ups and investors, we understand the challenges of growing your business while optimizing costs and operations, and attracting the best talent worldwide. We invite you to talk to us, whether you are in Berlin or Kyiv, New York or Los Angeles, Istanbul or Tokyo! We challenge you to be relevant and to create your own Global movement!

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