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According to Gartner, COVID-19 positioned digital commerce (remote, curbside delivery, and otherwise) to become the leading customer buying channel for many organizations. COVID-19 has disrupted both B2B and B2C commerce norms and trends and amplified the importance of diversification of business models and digital revenue streams. Companies that exercise diversity in their go-to-market approach, including leveraging third-party marketplaces, selling direct to consumers, and utilizing social networks, can reach more customers than those that do not.

In a survey by HBR (Harvard Business Review), 73% of respondents said they use multiple channels during their shopping journey. With the increase in the adoption of mobile devices and voice assistants, one can only imagine that omnichannel customers will increase even more in 2021 and beyond. Customers highly value contactless and cashless ways to pay and shop, and they reward the brands with their business for caring and paying attention.


As eCommerce growth decelerates after the 2020 COVID-19 spike, Experts predict that consumers’ newfound enthusiasm for digital shopping solutions will shift toward face-to-face or curbside shopping.

The worldwide eCommerce growth will downshift in 2021

Partially because of a brick-and-mortar rebound and partially because so much growth was pulled forward to 2020.

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Our team will assist you not only with the high-level and more in-depth opinion and research, but will also help you optimize your eCommerce infrastructure, tech, innovations, and operations while reviewing your existing and past contractor, supplier, and partner Agreements.

As an example, here is what our team is capable of doing as your company is transitioning past-COVID:

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