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Customer success is your success

What is Customer Success? Customer success is your success. Equip your Customer Success team with the tools to proactively engage, retain, and advocate for your customers… your company will reap the rewards.

Consumers have countless options to choose from regarding products and services. Developing a robust customer success plan can help businesses stand out from the competition and enhance their customer experience.
With the internet and social media making communication faster and more accessible than ever, sales and digital marketing teams need to work diligently to find an effective way to reach their target audience. Personalization is a key factor in customer success concepts. Digital spaces – from your company website to social media and email— are easy to personalize. The challenge now is to learn about your customers and find a way to create a unified customer experience that delivers value in a digital space.

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Customer Success Readiness

Success Readiness Assessments are a collaborative review between our sales, pre-sales, and Customer Experience teams. They enable us to better determine how prepared our customers are to successfully implement their Citrix technologies and solutions. And they help us identify any gaps that need to be addressed before implementation begins — from resourcing to accountability to infrastructure requirements.

Proactively conducting Success Readiness Assessments can yield many benefits, including:

  • Identifying and addressing common roadblocks to success early in the customer journey, ultimately helping us accelerate technology adoption and time to value

  • Facilitating smoother handoffs between our pre-sales and post-sales teams and reducing data duplication and inquiries back to our customers, enabling us to deliver a unified Citrix experience

  • Understanding the outcomes the customer is expecting, so we can effectively monitor, measure, and drive towards business value and value realization


Customer Success Management

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What is Customer Success Management? Customer Success is part science and part strategy method to maximize customer engagement and customer-related profitability.

Another way to look at it is to focus on core customer portfolio development, retention, and expansion issues. In practice, Customer Success is an integration of Marketing, Sales, Methods, Services, and Support into a new discipline.

Three necessary building blocks for Customer Success are your customer, deep knowledge of your product or service, subject matter, and industry expertise.

The ultimate strategic goal of the Customer Success area is continuous, evolving, and emerging growth and profitability. Making your clients profitable and productive is the ultimate goal of the Customer Success Manager or Executive.

A Customer Success Manager will guide your customers through the sales process into the support phase, working with your customers to ensure they’re receiving the support and tools needed to achieve their goals. Customer Service Managers provide timely value propositions by forming a direct relationship with customers. This helps your customers achieve their goals while strengthening their relationship with your business.

Much like a mentor for your customers, A CSM explains the sales process and ensures everything runs smoothly after a purchase. If customers have a question, they can directly contact their CSM and work with them to resolve any pressing issues. From pre-sales to post-purchase, CSMs complete various tasks and create a mutually-beneficial relationship with your customers.

To learn more about how we can help your business with Customer Success Management, please contact us.

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