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You have your product and it’s out in the marketplace. Take it one step higher and grow larger, faster.

As a Scaleup, we recognize that you will have different issues and “mountains to climb” in the earlier years of your business. As you mature, your growth trajectory will be modified, and the requirements of you, as a founder and CEO, will be different – your business will be facing different pressures.

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We surround our Scaleups with programs designed to bring you the full reach of our global network of experts, investors, partners, and potential clients.

We work closely with founders to help bring market entry access to big brands, new channels, industry experts and apply strategies and tactics to generate leads, deals, investments, and accelerate growth.


We’ve worked with over 300 companies worldwide that are now a part of our GEM family. 

For more information on how we can help set your scaleup up for success, inquire below, or view our case study and take a look at our best practices.

Cogni Mobile Bank

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Digital banking platform that brings you curated brands and experiences
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