When you grow, we help you focus.

As a Scaleup, we recognize that you will have different issues and “mountains to climb” in the earlier years of your business. As you mature, your growth trajectory will be modified, and the requirements of you, as a founder and CEO, will be different  – your business will be facing different pressures.

Our team will help you focus on your business's most important aspects, while your team will be responsible for enabling you to do what you do best - grow the company! 

Our proven scaleup ecosystem

We surround our Scaleups with programs designed to bring you the full reach of our global network of experts, investors, partners, and potential clients. We work closely with founders to help bring market entry access to big brands, new channels, industry experts and apply strategies and tactics to generate leads, deals, investments, and accelerate growth.

We’ve worked with over 300 companies worldwide that are now a part of our GEM family. 

Do you have a product or a service that has a market fit? Did you ideate your product to make sure that you have a chance to succeed? We will show you options and create a path to success. 

Our personalized and customized workshops and masterclasses will give you immediate ideas and a path forward. Concerned about sales and marketing? We will match the best resources from our global network of ‘best of breed’ resources and talent. Need coaching? We will pair you up with the best advisors and coaches to fit your needs. 

For further consultation, please inquire below. 

relevant case studies

cogni mobile bank

Digital banking platform that brings you curated brands and experiences


FiNC is Japan’s No1 Health App.

Sample Dealflow Use Cases

impact based dating platform

Social impact investment is up! And is ready to fuse social impacting, dating, and affiliate programs, while bringing romance and respect back to dating. 

Eldercare with innovation in mind

Taking Eldercare to the next level, this company and its M.D. exec are integrating senior-care with the latest tech innovations and hospitality best practices. 

crypto meets AI to personalize your influence

Have you ever thought of having your ‘coin’ for when it really counts? Yes, you can! Everyone can with 2Key and your personalized, opinion-based, your influence based crypto. 

opioid crisis. managed! 

Come to Solutionize to help you build your own, personalized community, whether you are dependent on medications or on substances – you don’t have to be alone! 

Most Relevant Industries

Healthcare and HealthTech

From Medical Devices to IoT to Collaboration

Healthcare will never be the same

In face of recent events, it would seem nothing is more important in our society than HealthTech.
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The innovation for FinTech companies will continue
To survive in this new era, financial services and FinTech will have to digitize or be left behind in the dust rapidly.
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Digital commerce to become the leading buying channel for many organizations.
Our team will assist you to optimize your eCommerce infrastructure.
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A podcast about Global entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators.

In our episodes, we’re combining the best of storytelling with the richness of our guests’ experience in business, market-entry, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.

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