Strategy & Mapping

Act now if you want to bounce back

The coronavirus has had unprecedented worldwide impacts — and the worst is yet to come. Managing your business in this pandemic situation is much more than giving your business a good scrubbing. In simple terms, it means keeping your business and employees well-informed and war-ready for any worst-case to face.

Companies must act now if they want to bounce back into the future.

make smarter, better, and resilient decisions

Correlations are difficult to hold in a crisis. The dynamics of the pandemic proved that leading from the past is not useful. 

going into the future, it will be of utmost importance to make smarter, better, and fault-free decisions.

Our approach

Our approach to Strategy is to always map it to reality. For that, we simplify the process of ideation and use the proven methods of assessing your technology and market readiness. 

what Covid-19 showed us

Only true value counts

Online businesses still win, some traditional offline businesses will struggle

Relevance and differentiation is important

The true value of the company will be changed based on relevance

“Relevance vs Hype”

Chaos becomes “controlled chaos” 

Most Relevant Industries

Healthcare and HealthTech

From Medical Devices to IoT to Collaboration

Healthcare will never be the same

In face of recent events, it would seem nothing is more important in our society than HealthTech.
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The innovation for FinTech companies will continue
To survive in this new era, financial services and FinTech will have to digitize or be left behind in the dust rapidly.
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Digital commerce to become the leading buying channel for many organizations.
Our team will assist you to optimize your eCommerce infrastructure.
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More relevant case studies


FiNC is Japan’s No1 Health App.

Pond Mobile

A global MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)

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