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Alex Romanovich

founder & CEO/CMO
Forbes Business Council Member

Alex Romanovich is the founder/CEO of GlobalEdgeMarkets (formerly tritiumDX and Social2B) and Chief Podcaster at GlobalEdgeTalk, specializing in Global Market Expansion and Growth, ABM (Account Based Marketing), Sales Enablement, Branding, Digital Marketing, and Content Marketing Execution. Alex is an Advisory Board Member and active participant in, Club CMO, which includes nearly 1,000+ peer Chief Marketing Officers representing Fortune 1000 brands in the USA and Europe. Alex is also a Member of and Contributor to the Distinguished Forbes Business Council. 

A consummate leader and team builder, Alex strengthens sales enablement and drives the business development and marketing functions of the business. Possessing technology, digital marketing, and data/web analytics skills and experience, Alex is a synergist and revenue producer with a proven record in business analysis/marketing ROI, strategic planning, business intelligence, and global brand development.

His career history in international business development, management consulting, and product management with companies such as IBM, Silicon Graphics (SGI), BertelsmannAG (Globally), EPAM Systems, Circles/American Express, and Global Advertising Strategies are marked by sales growth, successful new product launches, and innovative client acquisition strategies within Healthcare, Hospitality/Tourism, Financial Services, Media, Publishing, Software, and Professional Services segments.