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Get to know GlobalEdgeMarkets – Innovative Global Business Management Consulting Boutique helping Organizations Worldwide Optimize Growth and Efficiency

When you grow, we help you focus

GlobalEdgeMarkets is a dynamic, forward-thinking global business management, technology, market-entry, and growth consultancy.  We specialize in providing innovative growth and client acquisition solutions to a diverse international portfolio of clients, including notable names like IBM, Object Management Group, Hearst Publishing, American Express, Cablevision, Lufthansa, and SAP, as well as numerous global scaleups and investors.

As a global business management consulting boutique, we extend our expertise beyond our traditional stronghold in global market entry and digital marketing integration to a more diversified portfolio of management consulting services, digital transformation, and innovation expertise.

We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the intricacies of modern business challenges through strategic advice, operations optimization, technology innovation, digital transformation guidance, and sustainability solutions. Our approach combines analytical rigor and strategic insights with our unique global market dynamics and innovation expertise.

We are committed to driving transformative change. We deploy industry expertise, innovative thinking, and cutting-edge digital strategies to help businesses reimagine their operations and execution. This approach enables our clients to adapt to the ever-evolving market landscape and thrive in it.

The Social2B Era: Pioneering Social Media Marketing (2009-2019)

In 2009, the digital landscape was teeming with potential, ripe for the transformative influence of social media. Enter Social2B, an agency that would not only navigate this new frontier but also redefine it. Social2B embarked on its journey with a clear mission: to harness social and digital media’s burgeoning power to benefit businesses worldwide. This decade-long era was characterized by groundbreaking strategies, deep industry insights, and a commitment to delivering measurable results that propelled clients into new realms of engagement and growth.

Early Foundations and Strategic Vision

Alex Romanovich founded Social2B when social media emerged as a powerful tool for businesses. Recognizing the potential for brands to connect with their audiences in unprecedented ways, Social2B sought to bridge the gap between traditional marketing methodologies and social media platforms’ dynamic, interactive possibilities. The agency’s foundational philosophy centered on the belief that social media could drive visibility, meaningful engagement, and conversion, setting the stage for a new marketing era.

Service Portfolio Evolution

As Social2B’s reputation grew, so did its portfolio of services. Starting with core social media strategy and campaign management offerings, the agency quickly expanded to include mobile marketing, content creation, SEO, and analytics. Each new service was designed with a dual focus: to enhance the client’s brand presence and to drive tangible business outcomes. Social2B’s holistic approach to digital marketing emphasized the integration of various channels and tactics, ensuring that every campaign was optimized for maximum impact.

Client Successes and Case Studies

The accurate measure of Social2B’s impact can be seen in its clients’ success stories. From global startups to multinational corporations, Social2B worked across industries to deliver results that often exceeded expectations. Case studies from this era highlight the agency’s ability to significantly increase web traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates. Whether it was launching a new product, building a brand’s online community, or driving sales through targeted campaigns, Social2B’s strategic initiatives demonstrated the power of social media to achieve business objectives. The list of early adopter clients included:

  • OMG (Object Management Group)
  • NICE Systems
  • CAST Software
  • Kubisys
  • CISQ (Consortium for Software Quality)
  • Socure
  • Hublished
    and many more, only to be followed by Enterprise clients such as: American Express, Sodexo,, Adrienne Landau, DiscoverOrg (currently Zoominfo), McGraw Hill and many more.

Innovations and Industry Contributions

Beyond client projects, Social2B was known for its thought leadership and contributions to the broader digital marketing industry. The agency’s executives and strategists frequently shared insights through blogs, white papers, and speaking engagements, helping shape the social media marketing conversation. Social2B’s research and analysis provided valuable benchmarks and best practices for the industry, including developing proprietary campaign measurement and optimization methodologies.

The Transition to Bridging Social2B’s Expertise to GEMs’ Global Business Management Consulting

The transition from Social2B to GlobalEdgeMarkets represents a strategic evolution from a specialized social media and digital marketing consultancy to a comprehensive global business management consultancy with an expansive service portfolio. This transformation leverages Social2B’s foundational strengths in social media, marketing, and technology, expanding them into broader areas like market entry strategy, global expansion, and comprehensive business development solutions.

Social2B’s success in leveraging technology and innovative marketing strategies for client engagement and conversion has set a strong foundation for GlobalEdgeMarkets. The expertise in social media strategy and campaign management, developed during the Social2B era, now serves as a cornerstone for GlobalEdgeMarkets’ approach to global market entry and expansion strategies. The ability to understand and navigate digital landscapes has transitioned into a broader capability to tackle complex global markets, offering clients scalable and adaptable solutions for international business success.

Furthermore, Social2B’s experience with diverse clients across industries has equipped GlobalEdgeMarkets with the insights and flexibility to address unique market challenges and opportunities worldwide. The agency’s legacy of innovation, measurable results, and client success stories have paved the way for a future where GlobalEdgeMarkets continues to empower businesses with strategic guidance, technological prowess, and marketing expertise on a global scale.

Why we are different

GEM stands apart from many other organizations due to our personalized factors that stand at the center of our customer’s success:

Ability to focus on company innovation and optimization to ensure quality outcomes for your business.

Expertise in the political and economic factors for local geographies through our expanded partner networks and professionals.

Knowledge of the local, regional, and global markets that you are interested in pursuing.

Combination of skills and experience in driving new operations and incremental sales within new markets.

But knowledge of local markets or access to clients and partners is not the only thing that we share to ensure your success. We believe that the innovation and optimization of any company are integral to their achievement in domestic and global markets.

Those who fail to evolve are left behind, while those who learn to adapt to unpredictable markets are the ones that thrive.

Today, business leaders must strive to achieve growth and inclusion as they set off to tackle new challenges that come with entering new markets. 

Leadership & Partners

Through decades of experience, our experts have developed strategies and techniques that are proven to bring success to customers worldwide.

Whether we are helping launch a new digital logistics platform or assisting to set up a Global HQ utilizing local, regional, and global resources, we pride ourselves in knowing the next steps to achievement, innovation, and optimization, and sharing them with our partners and clients.

our podcast.

A podcast about global business, innovation, and growth.

The #1 podcast for global innovators and business leaders worldwide. Business is unpredictable, and as business leaders we often find ourselves stuck wondering how we can tackle our challenges head-on.

With host Alex Romanovich, Founder and CEO of GlobalEdgeMarkets, and featured guests, hear the stories and experiences of global business leaders and how they navigate their way through the business world.

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