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Through Business and Technology Alignment, organizations can increase efficiency and streamline business processes, optimizing workflow and staying ahead of the competition. Prioritizing the integration of IT operations and business objectives can reduce costs, improve agility, and increase the return on investment.

Just as the concept of strategic alignment ensures the achievement of company goals, IT and Business Alignment means that technology is being actively utilized to achieve quantifiable company objectives like improved finances or market competitiveness. In short — proper business and IT integration keeps you up to date with current advancements and promotes company success in competitive markets.

The challenge now is to learn about your customers and find a way to create a unified customer experience with aligned technology solutions that delivers value in a digital space.

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Business and IT Alignment Assessment

The Business and IT Alignment Assessment provides an organization with a vehicle to evaluate the maturity of its strategic choices and alignment practices, making it possible for a firm to see where it stands and how it can improve. Once maturity is understood, an organization can identify opportunities for enhancing the harmonious relationship between business and IT.


Business and IT Alignment Assessment

Achieving and sustaining alignment is evolutionary and requires strong support starting from the top. IT-Business Alignment is the effective use of IT to achieve its company’s overall goals. This requires and inspires a progressive, collaborative atmosphere. This mutual understanding between business and IT is needed to propel digital transformation.

GEM can help you maximize the enablers and minimize the inhibitors that promote business alignment. The Business and IT Alignment Assessment provides your organization with a vehicle to evaluate these activities and make adjustments for optimization.


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