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How Sales and Marketing is finally working together under the ABM umbrella

Many of the issues businesses see regarding customer success are rooted in a lack of communication between their sales and marketing teams. While sales and marketing are two different disciplines, they must collaborate to develop a strong customer success strategy.

Revenue growth and success in B2B organizations are directly correlated to a tight-knit sales and marketing integration strategy which can only be developed through strong team collaboration.

Through ABM (Account-Based Marketing), teams can develop a campaign that ensures customer success while increasing their company’s revenue stream and outperforming their competitors.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand with ABM. Through collaboration, sales and marketing teams can develop an ABM campaign that transforms their customer experience, making products and services more relevant and personalized for customers.

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Now more than ever, businesses can reach consumers overseas with the rise of digital modalities. With that in mind, they must learn the fundamentals of global client engagement to increase

their consumer base and gain loyal, long-term customers. Innovation in unpredictable markets is vital, and part of innovation is discovering the best ways to increase global customer engagement and success.


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A global provider of concierge and personal assistant services with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.
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