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Unify Your sales

Sales and marketing integration unifies your sales and marketing teams throughout the customer journey and business processes. Many revenue growth and customer success issues are rooted in a lack of alignment between sales and marketing teams. Even though sales and marketing are two different disciplines that have traditionally worked independently, we now know that they must collaborate to develop a promising customer success strategy. If the two teams aren’t fully in-sync, you’re in for a massive mess of miscommunication, bogus metrics, and misplaced blame. Recent research even shows that revenue growth is more common if sales and marketing regularly communicate.


This communication supports a seamless transition throughout each stage of the sales funnel. Traditionally, you accomplish this by connecting your marketing automation tool with your sales CRM. Then both parties have access to more real-time information and can better adapt their approach to giving prospects a better experience.

But sharing data isn’t the only approach to sales and marketing integration. It’s about communicating better, working together, and sharing the same goals. There are many ways to integrate sales and marketing to drive revenue. It will help your business increase its bottom line and make everyone’s job easier, so why not do it?

Account-Based Marketing

Through Account-Based Marketing, teams can develop a campaign that ensures customer success while increasing their company’s revenue stream and outperforming their competitors.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand with ABM. Through collaboration, sales and marketing teams can develop an ABM campaign that transforms their customer experience, making products and services more relevant and personalized for customers.


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Sales Acceleration

Refine your sales processes and tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales strategy. Move your prospects seamlessly through your sales funnel and see your sales teams consistently achieve revenue targets. It’s a numbers game: quickly contacting more highly qualified candidates often accelerates growth and revenue.

Over the past decade, traditional sales prospecting has dramatically changed. While sales was primarily about who you know, technological advances, data proliferation, and analytics have quickly revolutionized the industry. Data analytics’ speed and quantity have transformed how sales and marketing are managed. Now referred to as sales acceleration, this more modern approach beats the old outbound calling and prospecting methods any day. Times have changed and so has sales.


Market Expansion via ABM

Want to expand into other markets efficiently? Imagine starting the sales process by selling directly to your best-fit, highest-value accounts. No more wasted resources marketing to low-quality leads who aren’t the right fit for your product or service. You could move straight into the following critical phases of marketing to your target accounts and expand your business.

ABM helps your business target high-value accounts as if they’re individual markets. Personalizing the buyer’s journey and tailoring all campaigns to those specific accounts will increase your ROI and customer loyalty while expanding your market.


Digital and Social Sales

Now more than ever, businesses can reach consumers overseas with the rise of digital modalities. With that in mind, they must learn the fundamentals of global client engagement to increase their consumer base and gain loyal, long-term customers. Innovation in unpredictable markets is vital; part of innovation is discovering the best ways to increase global customer engagement and success.


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