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Welcome to GlobalEdgeMarkets (GEM), where our mission is to empower your business to excel in foreign and domestic markets. Our three-prong approach to help you optimize your operations, sales, and marketing, places us at the intersection of business management consulting, marketing strategy, and productization.

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We have guided over 50+ organizations throughout the most daunting of times for business owners working within ever-changing and unpredictable markets.


Strategy And Business Management Consulting

Give your business the innovation it needs to enter new markets with ease. Optimize how you do business and see growth like never before.

Digital Marketing & Transformation

Reimagine your business in this digital age. Optimize your business processes, culture, and customer experiences to cultivate success in any market.

Product Development, Digital Assets & Subscriptions

With a standard 80%-90% new product failure rate, successful businesses know that the right product strategies make the difference.

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GEM is a celebrated business consulting firm with a team of highly experienced experts in all areas of global business and enterprise.

Our team’s meticulously crafted strategy combines traditional and digital marketing and development techniques to bring growth and success to customers worldwide.

When you partner with us, you’ll become one of a multitude of clients who we’ve helped reach success and growth both at home and overseas.

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Through decades of combined experience working within countries worldwide, we know what it takes to take the business world by storm to tackle markets from all corners of the globe.

For ScaleUps

You have your product and it’s out in the marketplace. Take it one step higher and grow larger, faster.

For Midsize Business & Enetrprise

Optimize your business operations, better align your teams, and strive for innovation.

For Portfolio Investors

Investment portfolios don’t have to be intimidating. Get your assets in line and get your ROI.

Why choose us

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We’ve worked with over 300 companies worldwide that are now a part of our GEM family.



With the rise of Instagram (prior to Facebook purchase), PondMobile (a Global MVNO) wanted to explore better branding, conversions and social commerce for its B2C and B2B Divisions.

NICE Systems

NICE was looking to grow attendance and engagement for their annual conferences, Interactions 2013-14. Learn more about our results.


We present you three of our e-commerce case studies in one document that includes our workstream, growth strategy and more!

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leadership & partners

Get to know GlobalEdgeMarkets — your go-to for business innovation and optimization. Learn more about our founders, partners, advisers, and team.


Join our exclusive community that connects people from all over the world. Dive into the world of global news, downloadable resources, research, and more!


About Us

what our clients say

Their Account-Based Marketing ties in so well that it creates a solution that’s different from any other vendors'. In fact, the income has exceeded the costs of the partnership. They’ve hit all the other numbers too, including traffic, by turning our website into more than a brochure.
GEM Team has deep knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and did a great job of enhancing and elevating the brand of Panorama Travel and the brands of our clients: Czech Tourism, Tourism Ministry of Georgia, and many others.
Going from strategy to execution with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness is what separates GEM from many other business management and marketing consultancies.

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Innovation is defined as “a new idea, method, or device.” It is often used interchangeably with words like “creativity” and “invention.” But while all innovations are creative, not all creativity is innovative. So, how can you tell the difference? An invention is completely new, whereas an innovation improves upon an

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