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Pauline Sushko

Head of Creative

Creative Director & Certified UI/UX Designer 

With a strong passion for design and a keen eye for detail, Pauline has dedicated her career to helping businesses across diverse industries bring their visions to life. As a Creative Director and Certified UI/UX Designer, Pauline has worked with international clients ranging from innovative software development companies to luxurious beauty spas, elevating their brands through captivating designs and seamless user experiences.

Pauline’s expertise spans across various areas, including UI/UX design, web design, and graphic design for commercial and corporate applications. She is also a published author and has valuable experience as a podcast host, sharing insights and connecting with the creative community.

In addition to her design work, Pauline is an avid traveler, having visited 25 countries and continually seeking inspiration from diverse cultures and perspectives. Her commitment to fostering creativity, sharing knowledge, and making a lasting impact on the design community has driven her to excel in her career and inspire others along the way.

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