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Robert Geller

Partner, PR & Communications

Robert Geller is a seasoned PR and communications leader with over two decades of experience in enhancing brand awareness, managing reputational issues, and driving market share growth. A Boston University graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Robert combines technical acumen with the creative strategy to transform client potential into increased valuations and successful exits, contributing to billions in market value since 2000.

As a key figure at Fusion PR, Robert spearheaded the agency’s digital practice expansion, leading to significant revenue growth and a 25% fee increase. His strategic vision and operational excellence have been instrumental in navigating the agency through the challenges of the COVID pandemic, reducing client and staff turnover, and securing top-tier media recognition for emerging startups.

An influential blogger and PR influencer, Robert excels in turning strategy into engaging content and actionable goals. His leadership is characterized by mentorship, motivational management, and the ability to cultivate relationships based on mutual respect. At, Robert’s expertise and forward-thinking approach are vital in driving our mission to empower global businesses for success and market expansion.