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Emmanuel Laroche on Turning Ideas Into Concepts and the Power of Flavor

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Emmanuel Laroche |GlobalEdgeMarkets

In this episode of GlobalEgdeTalk, Alex meets Emmanuel Laroche in a beautiful Italian restaurant in the middle of Manhattan.

Emmanuel Laroche is VP of Marketing and Consumer Insights at Symrise and an inspiring host of the “Flavors Unknown” podcast, which helps him identify new ways to get inspired and turn ideas into concepts.

Over the 20 years of his professional career, Emmanuel has worked internationally, and through the work, he’s provided pragmatic and forward-thinking creativity to bring awareness to the power of flavor.

One of his greatest achievements is the upcoming book called “Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door”, which is Emmanuel’s collection of dialogues with award-winning chefs from various backgrounds and cultures, sharing their personal experiences of where and why food culture is where it is today.

Listen to our podcast to learn more about Emmanuel Laroche’s passion for the work and the insights of the upcoming book!


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