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Account Based Marketing: Pros and Cons

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) is here to change the future of the GlobalEdgeMarkets marketing game.

However, ABM, like most marketing strategies, has not only pros but also some cons. In our opinion the pros of ABM are definitely far ahead of its cons. But you should definitely take a look and decide yourself, whether ABM is the right fit for your business.

Higher ROI

ABM minimizes the possibility of buying the wrong traffic for highly targeted programs. By targeting specific accounts in a real-time you are increasing your chance of greater ROI by not wasting any resources on any accounts that aren’t a great fit.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

Since you know, who your target audience is, you can use advanced targeting technologies, like IP-based or cookie targeting to address highly specific ads even to the accounts you have never interacted before.

Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

ABM is a great way to align your sales and marketing teams. Marketers are forced to think more like sales, identifying new specific accounts and generating revenue from them.


ABM system is automated. This means, that you can set up the marketing campaign and run it for some time with the minimal management effort!

Additional Research

To set up an effective ABM system you may need to deepen your understanding of what are the specific need of your accounts, how would they prefer to communicate with you. You would also need to create more messages addressing specific account-related challenges.

Technology Limitation

Our experience shows, that ABM technology is still in its early development stage. There are some limitations, especially when it comes to identifying accounts, using IP addresses and Cookie Files. It may require a couple hours of manual work to set up an efficient ABM system.

Resource investment

While it is true, that ABM saves your resources and increases your ROI, this technology requires a new platform that you need to invest in first. It also requires some marketing skills to set up an effective ABM system.


So, for today these were the main pros and cons of ABM, that we wanted to share with you.

In GlobalEdgeMarkets we strongly believe that ABM can benefit any company. Therefore, in our next blog posts, we will continue to share with you our hands-on experience on this topic. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to remain up to date with the latest trends and developments in the field.

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