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5 Reasons for Startups to Enter the International Market

Discover the top 5 compelling reasons why startups should venture into the international market. From boosting revenue to gaining a competitive edge, learn how global expansion can revolutionize a startup’s growth trajectory.

Haute Market

About Industry: Fashion & E-commerce Haute Market, a trailblazing virtual matchmaker, endeavors to reshape the realm of fashion and home goods by connecting retail buyers and designers in an unprecedented manner. This dynamic platform not only bridges the gap between buyer and brand but also facilitates fruitful connections with verified brand representatives, sourcing partners, and […]

Wendy’s Team

About Industry: Healthcare Wendy’s Team is helmed by Dr. Wendy Tong, a passionate advocate for elderly care and a seasoned expert in the healthcare industry. With her extensive experience and dedication, she has cultivated a reputation for pioneering innovative healthcare solutions tailored for senior citizens. Driven by her vision, Wendy’s Team aimed to amplify its […]


About Industry: Healthcare & Software Dedicated to the healthcare and HealthTech sectors, The Caregiving Network™, under the leadership of founders Al Farmer and Andy Cramer, had a clear objective: To provide an unparalleled platform for caregivers that’s both user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Eager to rejuvenate and refine their existing platform, they reached out for expert […]

Demigos Health

About Industry: Software, HealthTech In the rapidly evolving world of HealthTech, being proactive and nimble is essential. Demigos, under the leadership of Ivan Dunskiy, CEO of Demigos and CTO of Wendy’s Team, recognized the need to pivot and showcase their prowess in the HealthTech arena. This case study delves into our journey with Demigos as […]