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Dr. Wendy Tong on Coronavirus Outbreak and Healthcare System in the US

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Dr. Wendy Tong |GlobalEdgeMarkets

Alex Romanovich interviews Dr. Wendy Tong, an internal medicine physician who is out to transform the aging experience through a new model of home care coupled with innovative technology that will impact the daily lives of seniors and their families.

Wendy is the CEO and Founder of Wendy’s Team, a home care agency founded in 2016 that has an established presence in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Wendy shares the trials and tribulations of putting aside a high paying executive position to go out on a limb to pursue a dream and start her company.

She also shares how her work with Wendy’s Team has had a direct impact on her ability to care for her father. Wendy’s father receives hospital-level care in his home in Hong Kong. Wendy talks about how the recent protest activity and coronavirus in Hong Kong have impacted her father’s medical care and her ability to care for her father from across the globe.

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