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Entrepreneur, Disrupted! War in Ukraine: Mariana Khomitska

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Mariana Khomitska |GlobalEdgeMarkets

Mariana Khomitska, the Head of Talent Development at the Academy DTEK, specializes in Management Development and Executive Education, Life-Long Learning, and EdTech. She has 16 years of experience in managerial and organizational development.

Being strong in strategy creation and execution, system building, and development, Mariana has a Major in Management Development and Executive Education and a Ph.D. in Linguistics and German Languages (English) at the Kyiv National Linguistics University.

She worked as a management development/education team leader in European Business Association for several years until 2019. Not only is she able to handle large volumes of information, but she is also known for working successfully in a team and taking responsibility within competence.

As a part of the Academy DTEK, Mariana worked on several projects. One is a program called “Change Energy” for executives on change management. Here you can learn more about it.



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