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Sales Overnight, Brand Over Time: Mike Linton’s Marketing Philosophy

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In this episode of GlobalEdgeTalk, Alex interviews Mike Linton, a renowned CMO with an impressive career spanning over 25 years. Mike shares insights into his experience as a C-level marketing executive at major companies like Best Buy and eBay. He discusses his view of marketing as a combination of immediate sales and long-term brand building, describing it as “sales overnight, brand over time.”

The conversation then shifts to the rise of fractional CMOs and the benefits they offer to companies. Mike explains how fractional CMOs provide access to specialized skills without the need for a full-time hire, but also highlights the potential challenges in driving innovation through this model.

Mike delves into the topic of innovation in both startups and large companies. He explains that in startups, innovation is often driven by the founder’s openness to new ideas, while large companies must balance innovation with financial priorities.

The episode also explores Mike’s transition from being a CMO to serving as a board member. As a board member, Mike’s focus shifts from delivering financials to advising and questioning management without directly running operations. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the investment thesis and being prepared to answer the toughest questions to avoid surprises down the line.

Mike also shares his thoughts on blending generations in the workplace, emphasizing the need for a balance between experienced professionals and newcomers who are attuned to new technologies. The right mix of generations, according to Mike, depends on what positions the company best for future consumer and tech trends.

Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by CMOs in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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