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How To Be Relevant in 2021: The Guide

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I think we can all agree that the world isn’t as simple as it once was. It’s way more complex, with businesses getting bombarded by complications and challenges, especially during COVID-19. Customers are getting more and more complicated as there are tons of options to select from. There are massive amounts of information at their fingertips, a variety of social networks to discover, and experiences to consider. The speed we all operate nowadays is utterly crazy yet necessary, and it also explains why ‘relevance’ is an important concept.

To put it simply, relevance is something that will bring meaning to your business. It’s a full experience of a service/product that will change behaviors and thought processes and, most importantly, sustain that change long-term.

Another trend that I observe lately is that customers are getting spoiled. And I mean spoiled as in spoiled with choices. Sure, the emotional/psychological part plays a huge part in whether the customer will buy your product/service. But to establish a long-lasting relationship that will guarantee loyal customers, you need to resonate with them and provide them with something they can only get from you. You can’t be selling everything to everybody. 

We’ve heard marketing departments across industries and highly successful companies buzzing about a new term that’ll soon become an organizational standard—customer success. The way people resonate determines what kind of strategy you adopt within your business. 

You can find that out by dividing your marketing efforts into specific categories such as age, gender, income, geography, culture, job position, education, etc. When you find what works best for your business, you will instantly become more relevant to that specific niche. You can read a post on customer success written by one of GlobalEdgeMarkets managing partners, Marla Bace, by clicking here.

Relevance also heavily depends on the visuals. Let’s be honest, most of us are extremely attracted to a beautiful visual, whether it’s a funky cereal box packaging or a tastefully decorated showcase. I know I am. You can’t forget about circumstances when trying to become more relevant: content, context, and the way you present those two together. Maybe it’s time you think not only about what you sell but how you sell it as well. 


My key point is that creating a solid, long-lasting relationship with your customers is what will keep you going forward. Treating your customers as your partners provides you the opportunity to increase revenue, decrease churn, and stand out.

At GlobalEdgeMarkets we think that relevance depends heavily on reviewing and understanding your current strategy for the market you chose, the tactics for existing and new market entry. Your existing resources and skill set support. 

Relevance is about reaching your ultimate goal – having an impact on your customers and leaving them wanting more, all because your service/product is THAT indispensable.  

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