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The Foundation of Entering New Markets

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new customers when expanding to new markets. Still, getting that first great connection or opportunity can be more challenging than expected. Customers are the heart and soul of any business, and successful market entry demands a perfect understanding of that particular market’s landscape. The reason typically resonates with people – make sure to give them some good ones.

The use of data

Here’s something that people rarely talk about. While needs vary from market to market, the type of organisation that has a need for your product is likely very similar. Finding lookalike companies and reaching out to them is a smart shortcut to your company’s first milestone in your new selected market.

Be agile and in-the-moment

While you don’t have to have a well-known name or a huge customer base to prove your value, you do have to be smarter than the competition. Take notice of buying signals from your target companies and act on the events that indicate a window of opportunity.

Be digital

You can gain publicity and brand exposure through digital content such as blogs or short articles. As our expertise shows, any media you create will increase your status and recognition. We especially recommend trying out video marketing as a long term solution. Our statistics show that almost 80% of customers don’t like to spend time reading through your case studies or service offerings. Make a short video that will be entertaining and insightful to your potential clients. Use it to leverage your position and make yourself known on a new market niche.

You can take a look at our blog post, Video Marketing Statistics: What You Must Know, to learn how you can win the marketing game by creating videos instead of writing about it.


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