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The Importance of DEI in Marketing & UI/UX

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Is Your Advertising & UI/UX Ready for the US Demographic Change? 

US demographics are changing rapidly, and the population is on track to become majority-minority by 2045. As a result, companies and brands must take notice of these changes and ensure that their advertising and UI/UX strategies are well-prepared to represent the diversity of the US today. Failing to do so can lead to insincere or inaccurate messaging, resulting in serious blowback from consumers. On the other hand, those companies that make genuine efforts to represent and consider diverse populations will gain loyalty and increase revenue. 

The Importance of DEI in Marketing & UI/UX |GlobalEdgeMarkets

The Benefits of DEI in Advertising

Advertising campaigns that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have numerous benefits. By authentically representing different backgrounds, companies can attract new customers who may not have been exposed to their brand or messaging. Additionally, DEI increases customer loyalty as customers feel seen and valued by the brand they’re supporting. Finally, effective DEI campaigns can improve a company’s reputation both internally among employees and externally with customers. 

The Importance of DEI in Marketing & UI/UX |GlobalEdgeMarkets

How Companies Can Implement DEI in Their Advertising

The Importance of DEI in Marketing & UI/UX |GlobalEdgeMarkets

The Benefits of DEI in UI/UX

How Companies Can Implement DEI in Their UI/UX

Companies can show their commitment to DEI in their UI/UX by integrating DEI features at every stage of their product’s lifecycle. This can range from creating an accessible and human-centered design process that considers the needs of all users, employing diverse teams to develop products and services, gathering feedback regularly from underrepresented groups during user testing, and incorporating inclusive language into instructional content.

Doing so can provide companies with a competitive edge while simultaneously demonstrating values of inclusion. Ultimately, the goal should be to create an intersectional experience that is comfortable, engaging, and stylistically inspiring, regardless of someone’s background or identity.



As US demographics shift rapidly toward becoming majority-minority by 2045, it is essential for CMOs and CEOs alike to create meaningful advertising campaigns and user experiences that accurately reflect these changes. Companies who make sincere efforts towards DEI will reap numerous benefits, such as increased customer loyalty and improved internal and external reputation; however, failure to do so could easily lead to inaccurate messaging, resulting in negative consequences for the brand involved.

Therefore, businesses today must invest time into understanding how people from different backgrounds may interact with their product or service differently while conducting extensive research into any targeted groups if they want their business to succeed in this ever-changing landscape of US demographics.

You’re bound to struggle without a solid plan that outlines how you will establish a sustainable and agile business and achieve your goals in this ever-changing digital world. Are you ready to achieve a return on your innovation investment? Let GEM help!

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