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Why ABM Cross-Functional Buy-in is Critical for Quality Lead Generation

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Any companies use a disjointed, shotgun approach for delivering marketing communications messages, digital marketing and rarely is sales engaged and/or considered. Communications such as print ads, email marketing and PPC banner ads, and other content may appear to be coming from different companies, even though the messages may or may not be originating from a single department. There are many benefits in coordinating an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy where strategic marketing message(s) are developed across functions internally and delivered via integrated media to an agreed upon set of targeted prospects.

Best practices dictate that we should have internal alignment across marketing, sales, product and finance with as few messages as possible in one campaign, and defined targets and measures to narrow your priorities, deliver an actionable message that cuts across the full sales funnel.

Determine what you want your growth targets and goals are across the company NOT just in the marketing department. Common goals include:

These are legitimate goals for ABM, but until now each one may have been executed with a different approach by a different department. As well, the overall vision of the company has influence over the tone of communications, should drive alignment of overall company goals, and drive coordination across all departments that touch customers/clients and prospects.

Let’s review all three of these ABM strategies as examples

Integrating Your Messages into an Integrated Content Campaign

Benefits of ABM


Establish and enhance marketplace awareness and perceptions, improve lead generation and increase closed business… most importantly, buy-in of marketing efforts across the C-suite!!

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