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Ana Varava: 15 Years in the Fashion Industry – From L’Officiel to Going Global

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Ana Varava: 15 Years in the Fashion Industry - From L'Officiel to Going Global | GET

In this episode, join Alex Romanovich and Ana Varava for an in-depth conversation about Ana’s remarkable career in the fashion industry. With over 15 years of experience, Ana has made significant contributions to fashion magazines and brand development across various countries. 

Ana eventually rose to become the editor-in-chief and brand developer for L’Officiel in Ukraine, where she played a pivotal role in enhancing the fashion industry. In 2019, Ana successfully launched L’Officiel in Austria as well.

During the discussion, Ana enlightens us about the challenges she encountered while introducing a prestigious French fashion magazine to a country like Ukraine, which had limited fashion infrastructure at the time. Despite these obstacles, Ana’s unwavering passion and dedication drove her to train and nurture local talent, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. However, her career faced unexpected disruptions due to the invasions of Ukraine by Russia in both 2014 and 2022, compelling her to abruptly flee from Kyiv when the war began.

Further, Ana and Alex delve into the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns on the fashion industry. They explore how luxury goods sales surged online as people engaged in stress shopping. Additionally, logistics and manufacturing experienced a significant shift, with many companies relocating their production facilities from China to closer proximity to Europe.

Throughout the episode, Ana provides intriguing insights into the diverse fashion cultures of different countries. She highlights the United States as a place that fosters self-expression, contrasting it with Europe’s more structured fashion scene. France and Italy emerge as leaders in the fashion realm, while Germany prioritizes production over creativity.

The conversation concludes with Ana reflecting on her earlier years, emphasizing the importance of bravery and fearlessness in her career. Looking ahead, she expresses a desire to take on even bigger projects, leveraging her expertise and experience. Moreover, Ana emphasizes the need for sustainability in the fashion industry to mitigate its environmental impact. Join us for this captivating discussion filled with valuable industry perspectives and personal reflections.

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