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Global Expansion in Times of Revival: Interview with Ray Tomasco, Top Global Growth and Talent Hunter

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Ray Tomasco |GlobalEdgeMarkets

For over 20 years, Ray has provided insight around issues of organization, growth and operations, and leadership to clients and senior executives. Recognizing and adapting to the special needs of early-stage and fast-growth companies while offering suggestions for funding, partnerships, and overall hiring and retention strategies. He brings extensive executive search experience and business building background serving across disciplines; manufacturing, service, enterprise & infrastructure software, ecommerce and IT services clients.

Ray is the Managing Partner of reesmarx USA LLC ( in charge of expanding the US presence with the focus on foreign and domestic economic expansion while offering broad solutions and senior-level board appointments. 

Success is not final failure is not fatal its the courage to continue that counts 

Previously, Ray was the Founder and President of three businesses built over ten years, Boehmer, Tomasco & Alexander (executive search firm), Huntington Group (outsourced staffing company) and ITC (interim staffing company) all serving the Software and IT services industries. These companies were sold to Hall-Kinion Inc (nasdaq-haki).

Ray served over Hall Kinion’s expansion as Vice President of International Operations where he managed operations in Europe, Japan and China. During this time he also managed the US offices in Connecticut, Texas, Oregon, Virginia and California expanding the Executive Search Practice.

Ray was a Founder, Board Member and Executive Consultant for and was instrumental in the sale to Workstream Inc. (nasdaq- wstm).

He also worked as a Senior Consultant at national search firm where he developed their information technology division. He began his career as a Research Analyst for IBM where he studied market trends in preparation for new product announcements Ray received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Western Connecticut University.

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