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The TRIUMPH Methodology: Leading Organizational Change with Talila Millman

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In this episode, Alex Romanovich sits down with Talila Millman, a seasoned managing director, CTO, advisor, and transformation leader who has worked for major companies like Motorola and Stanley Black & Decker, as well as advising startups. Talila shares her extensive career journey and reveals how she manages to juggle multiple projects while maintaining a sense of purpose and mission.

Throughout the conversation, Talila delves into her involvement in significant initiatives such as infant protection, and revolutionizing text messaging. She also enlightens listeners on her TRIUMPH methodology, a 7-step process designed to lead organizational change. By getting to the root of the challenge, aligning stakeholders, ideating plans, putting them into action, TRIUMPH can be effectively applied to both large corporations and startups undergoing transformation.

Talila uncovers the common challenges faced by startups, particularly the resistance to change from founders who are hesitant to abandon what has previously worked. With her wealth of experience, she swiftly diagnoses problems and offers innovative solutions.

Diversity in tech is another crucial topic discussed in this episode. Talila sheds light on the underrepresentation of women, even within her own engineering department. She stresses the importance of encouraging more women and young girls to pursue tech careers, calling for greater promotion of tech options in schools.

The conversation also tackles intergenerational relationships in the workplace, with Talila emphasizing the need to recognize and value the experience of mature workers. Age should not be the sole determinant of abilities and innovation. Talila highlights the adaptability and ingenuity of mature employees, debunking age-based stereotypes.

Overall, this conversation offers valuable insights into the realm of organizational transformation, startup advising, diversity in tech, and the importance of experience in the workplace. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of these topics as Talila draws from her extensive career helping companies innovate and scale. Stay tuned for her upcoming book, which will provide further guidance based on her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

From Talia:

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