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5 Ways User Experience Can Benefit e-Commerce for Better Conversion Rates

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Your user’s experience is central to everything in e-commerce. You seek to intrigue and then please the potential customer with the end goal of them making a purchase. So naturally, e-commerce should focus on web or app design that centers on the customer’s experience and makes that experience a good one. UX, or User Experience, is just that— creating an experience that meets the needs of your site’s visitors.

By improving the quality of your customer’s journey you can improve your conversion rates and increase your bottom line, and here’s how:

Close funnel holes

By looking at your site’s conversion funnel and identifying which stage in the process has the highest rate of abandonment, you can work to plug that hole. It may be that your users are feeling overwhelmed by too many options, leading to abandoned carts. There may be too many non-essential steps, leading to confusion and decreasing the chances of completing a purchase. By finding and then fixing the issue in this user’s experience, you are plugging a hole that’s leaking potential revenue.

Build more brand loyalty

When not designed well, an e-commerce website or app can actually damage the relationship a company desires to create with its customers. Customers are no longer listening to companies who are screaming for their attention. Rather, people are listening to the companies that guide them with ease. When the User Experience is easy, smooth, and enjoyable, customers return for that experience again and again. A bond of trust is established, and they begin to associate that experience with the brand. This positive UX experience can also turn a shopper into an ambassador for your brand.

Receive more recommendations

These brand ambassadors can spread the good word about your company in digital reviews. According to a recent study, about 82% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. This is great news for UX because recent research also shows that users are more likely to consider leaving a positive review than a negative one. Looking to their fellow online reviewers for answers, people no longer need to investigate online products and services for themselves. They’re counting on hearing about the experience straight from the customers, and if that UX is doing what it should, those reviews should reflect their positive experiences.

Beat the competition

88% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience, so let the competition drive its customers to your site. Customers will compare your UX-optimized site or app to the competition that did not enhance its usability design. Earn your customer’s loyalty and increase your conversion rates by investing in UX that puts you a notch above the competition.

Anticipate customer needs

Your customers want good design. According to research, 58% of online shoppers say that design is an important factor in their purchase decisions and they would be less likely to buy from a website with a bad design. Furthermore, ideal UX will hedge any questions that customers might have before they consider leaving without making a purchase.

Optimizing UX increases conversion rates up to 400%, and every one dollar invested in UX, according to Forrester, results in a return of $100, a return on investment (ROI) of 9,900%. Clearly, the most cost-effective way to convert users into customers is to create an experience that meets the needs of your site’s visitors, improving the quality of your customer’s journey.


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