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Social Scalability: Media, Metrics, and Measurement

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When it comes to social media marketing, the questions commonly asked are “How can you scale your social media?” or “Is social media even scalable?”The answer to the latter is “Absolutely.”Social media scalability can become a rather intuitive process if you have the right tools in place. It all comes down to the metrics and how you measure your social media efforts.Social media measurements allow you to deals with what actually happened, (conversions, clicks, etc.) versus traditional media measurement which generally only measures potential reach.These metrics are constantly being refined as more integrated analytics platforms are being developed.

What Should You Be Looking For?

The way you measure or scale your social media will also depend on your industry.KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) vary for each enterprise, as every one has different ROI drivers.As your business goals change, these may as well, but it’s important to have a core strategy as a starting point that you can then modify later on as your business development expands. When implementing a scalability strategy the key factors for measuring your success, especially with content marketing are

These KPI’s are measured through a more qualitative method, but if you want more concrete numbers-based analytics you can also implement quantitative, comparative, and competitive measurement strategies to analyze the success of each of the above indicators

So What Does This All Mean?

So you know generally what KPI’s to be looking out for, but the question then is how do you actually measure these? There are many tools available to help you such as Google Analytics and other monitoring tools, CRM systems to help maintain contacts, eCommerce tools, social media performance tools to assist in ROI analysis, and more.By integrating all of these elements you can develop a strategy that follows the following steps

Next Steps: Social Value Chain

Questions to Keep In Mind


Once you are able to answer these questions you will be all set to scale your social media marketing strategy to size!

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