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Leveraging Process Engineering and Lean Six Sigma Methodologies with Nicholas Zeisler

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Nicholas Zeisler | GlobalEdgeMarkets

In this episode of GlobalEdgeTalk, host Alex Romanovich welcomes guest Nicholas Zeisler to discuss the topic of customer experience (CX) on a global scale. Nicholas, a fractional and former full-time Chief Customer Officer who has worked with major brands like Dell and HP, is now a principal of Zeisler Consulting, where he consults on CX worldwide. He is also the author of a book on the topic of CX, titled “W’re Doing CX Wrong and How to Do It Right.”

Nicholas’s diverse background sets him apart from many of his colleagues in the CX field. While most individuals in CX come from customer support or customer care roles, Nicholas approaches CX from the perspective of process engineering. With his experience as a Lean Six Sigma black belt and in operations research, he brings a unique set of skills to the table. Nicholas’s military career and work in the civilian sector have allowed him to excel in optimizing processes and improving efficiencies.

Throughout the conversation, Alex and Nicholas delve into the importance of leveraging process engineering and lean Six Sigma methodologies in order to enhance customer experiences. They explore how organizations can use these tools to identify and resolve issues at the root cause rather than just addressing symptoms. By focusing on internal processes, systems, and policies, companies can better align their operations with their brand promise and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Join Alex and Nicholas as they provide insights and strategies for achieving CX excellence in the global marketplace. Whether you’re a large or small business, this episode is sure to offer valuable takeaways for improving your customer experience strategies.

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