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Optimize how you do business and see growth like never before

Give your business the innovation it needs to enter new markets with ease with our marketing strategy services. The leading challenges marketing teams face today consist of generating traffic and leads, providing ROI (Return on Marketing Investment) and targeting content for international audiences.

Essentially, to optimize your marketing strategy you need to figure out ways to engage with your target audience while continuing to adapt to unpredictable markets and keep up with trends.

Business Process Optimization

The solution to these common challenges businesses face centers around one thing: optimization.

It’s vital that marketing teams look at their existing marketing execution strategy and reevaluate their tactics based off customer feedback and collected marketing data.

Marketing strategies can look different depending on a company’s means of communication with key customers. With the rise of digital media and eCommerce being the most favored way of interacting with consumers, digital marketing transformation should be the top priority.

Finding ways to establish your business’s online presence through social media, email, or even your company site can help to create traction for your brand and create long-lasting customer relationships.


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Business Growth and Turnaround

We help companies unleash their potential to grow by addressing legacy and funding issues.

Many businesses currently find themselves in a position where they are unable to prosper and grow on account of one or a combination of the following factors: financing constraints, the diverging priorities of their stakeholders, underperforming businesses, distracting or capital draining non-core assets.

We at GEM bring together situational and industry experience to specifically focus on helping companies whose future or growth may be constrained by funding or other legacy issues such as underperforming parts of the business.

We help companies find the best way to address these issues. Naturally, the solutions will vary according to individual circumstances, so our seasoned team works in a hands-on manner to:

  • provide an independent assessment of realistic options
  • implement the best financing or operational solution

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With the rise of Instagram (prior to Facebook purchase), PondMobile (a Global MVNO) wanted to explore better branding, conversions and social commerce for its B2C and B2B Divisions.

NICE Systems

NICE was looking to grow attendance and engagement for their annual conferences, Interactions 2013-14. Learn more about our results.


We present you three of our e-commerce case studies in one document that includes our workstream, growth strategy and more!

Business Expansion and Globalization

Many companies find it challenging to expand overseas because of compliance and regulatory barriers. More than half (57%) of U.S. companies have cited a restrictive regulatory environment as the main barrier to globalization.

There are difficulties involved with global business expansion but it may be a vital part of a company’s strategy to obtain desired growth. According to Rutgers, an overwhelming 80% of executives believe that an organization needs to enter an international market to achieve long-term growth.

To help your team get an idea of what it takes to expand overseas, first and foremost, we will share best practices for global expansion. After achieving a thorough understanding of the process, we will help put together a business expansion strategy that highlights your company goals, target markets, and cultural connections to keep your headquarters aligned with your overseas operations.


Market Entry Strategy

Market entry strategy refers to the sales and marketing framework you will use to expand globally. It focuses on how you’ll increase product awareness in a new region and what technology, resources, and services you need to distribute your products and gain a foothold in this new market.

Entering new markets can be exciting for start-ups to big-name brands alike. A clearly defined market entry strategy — including the business model, localization needs, and marketing frameworks — can give you a soft landing in a foreign market.

Achieving the strategic growth you seek and winning in your global market requires an effective market entry strategy, an efficient localization process, and thoughtful execution of a market entry strategy to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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