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eCommerce allows companies to reach a wider consumer pool and streamline sales. It’s time to keep up with the times and digitize your business sales operations.

eCommerce has become one of the most important factors in retail following the covid-19 pandemic. From B2B, B2C, retail and logistics, businesses have now discovered that through utilizing a digital space, they are able to maintain business as usual while continuing to meet customer demands.

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We are in the process of developing our new platform GEM Marketplace, a digital platform set to minimize failure and accelerate success for global companies.

Through this platform, you can learn eCommerce Best Practices and more to support your business initiatives.

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UI/UX Assessment and Optimization

Your website could look outstanding, but that’s just not enough. Your website should be converting traffic into new business at a high rate. If it’s not, there most likely is a problem with your user’s journey. For your User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Assessment, we’ll evaluate, test, and define the user interactions with interface design, visual design, and graphical user interface (GUI) standards.

We will examine and deliver the critical documentation you need to begin to optimize your website for higher conversion. Our assessment identifies problems, and we recommend solutions based on your user’s behavior. A well-designed user interface can produce a good user experience to ignite more leads and sales.


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If you are interested in expanding your eCommerce business as an Enterprise or as a Mid-Level eCommerce player, Marketplaces are a necessary expansion mechanism.

From 2017 to 2022, retail eCommerce sales in the United States have more than doubled, jumping from $425 billion to more than $875 billion. And that growth will continue further.


As Global eCommerce players seek to expand assortment, manage supply chain risks, and find new ways to engage customers after the pandemic, interest in enterprise and B2B marketplaces has grown significantly.

Interest in the growth of industry-specific, sometimes geographically specific, B2B marketplaces has gained momentum and is now outpacing B2C Marketplaces. According to Gartner, this trend has also been fueled by the pandemic, as companies look to optimize the reactive tactics they implemented at the onset of the COVID pandemic.


featured eCommerce case Study

Companies were already struggling with innovation and a better innovation process is at the top of the agenda for most CEOs, but the idea of a more innovative culture appears too frightening to many. 

We present you three of our e-commerce case studies in one document that includes our workstream,  growth strategy and more!

Case Study - eCommerce | GlobalEdgeMarkets

Vendors and distributors seek competitive solutions, such as industries or specific functionalities (e.g., focusing on services or digital goods and subscription business models).

An increasing number of vendors are establishing networks of sellers that they leverage for new marketplace operators, reducing the need for operators to attract sellers to their marketplaces.

Our Capability


Global Edge Markets (GEM) Digital Marketplace Practice can assist large and medium-size eCommerce brands with the following capabilities:

We are helping develop a strategy for the marketplace before the beginning of the project and before the vendor, or a platform is selected. The marketplace size, the types of products and services sold, integration with existing systems, and plans for operations and locations that will influence vendor selection are all aspects of the sound and complete marketplace initiative. GEM eCommerce Marketplace Assessment is an excellent tool and method to identify all factors of your Marketplace Project.

If you are a seller, one of the most crucial steps in developing the Marketplace is how you will add your products to that Marketplace. Some connect to digital commerce platforms and APIs for product ingestion. If your Marketplace predominantly relies on sellers with product data stored in these systems, GEM can help architect and design how to do it most optimally.

Marketplace Projects at the Enterprise Level will always need the C-level buy-in before initiating any type e of project and budget. Offering an enterprise marketplace is not a simple technology investment; it is a fundamental business model change that will alter the customer experience of buyers – it must be supported by all levels of the organization to be successful. GEM Executive Level Marketplace Assessment can bring clarity and consensus to your Enterprise Level organization from the start. Most importantly, GEM will help you assess the feasibility of a marketplace model in the company culture before beginning such a project.



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