Early Stage and mid-stage Portfolio investors

Over the past decade, family offices and VCs, the leading portfolio investors for early to mid-stage companies (startups and scaleups), have become a significant driving force in global investment and innovation.

Despite uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of a global recession, portfolio investors remain optimistic about investing and have shown that the volume of investments in 2020, the Year of the Pandemic, has not decreased.

Recent reports by Silicon Valley Bank and partners examine recent global trends in the family office and VC investment.
Here are some of the key findings:

going direct

As family offices and VCs have grown in sophistication over the past few years, interest in direct investment opportunities, fueled by the influx of qualified investment resources and specialists, has been growing aggressively.

Family office direct investments can be attributed to several factors, including the attraction and the abundance of assets and qualified talent required to manage dealflow, wider networks, and better decision-making ability.

This results in better ROI and better overall experience with the investment opportunities and projects.

According to multiples sources and FINTRX, a growing number of portfolio investors (Family Offices, VCs, Institutional Funds) are becoming interested in impact and cause-based investing.

Reuters article noted that millennials had been a driving force behind the impact investing in many portfolio investors, in addition to other demographic and psychographic groups.

Impact investors tend to make investments into startups and scaleups to generate valuable social impact in parallel financial returns.

Investing with the intent to derive public benefit, impact investors aim for a financial return while also making a positive impact on the communities.

Sustainable and Impact-based Investments

Our Success

Our success in working with funding sources, such as Family Offices, VCs, and some Private Equity leaders as a growth, optimization, and dealflow strategist, is only matched by the success in helping Global entrepreneurs, scaleups and mid-size challengers to develop innovative sales and marketing strategies, market-entry tactics, and new revenue streams, while securing the necessary funding sources.

Using our own unique ‘BeachHead and Balance’ methodology, executive coaching, workshops, and masterclasses to fuel innovation, we work with scale-ups and investors alike to craft a step-by-step growth and funding action plan which accelerates a path to ROI and the overall value of the investment.

Our philosophy is to dig deeper into the company's operational and sales/marketing details seeking funding or new client revenues - in the existing or new markets.

To that end, we have successfully attracted over $50Million in fresh funding over the past 10 years and helping growing companies in various industry segments generate over $80Million in fresh revenues from new client acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and licensing opportunities.

Sample Dealflow Use Cases

impact based dating platform

Social impact investment is up! And 8Dates.com is ready to fuse social impacting, dating, and affiliate programs, while bringing romance and respect back to dating. 

Eldercare with innovation in mind

Taking Eldercare to the next level, this company and its M.D. exec are integrating senior-care with the latest tech innovations and hospitality best practices. 

crypto meets AI to personalize your influence

Have you ever thought of having your ‘coin’ for when it really counts? Yes, you can! Everyone can with 2Key and your personalized, opinion-based, your influence based crypto. 

opioid crisis. managed! 

Come to Solutionize to help you build your own, personalized community, whether you are dependent on medications or on substances – you don’t have to be alone! 

Most Relevant Industries

Healthcare and HealthTech

From Medical Devices to IoT to Collaboration

Healthcare will never be the same

In face of recent events, it would seem nothing is more important in our society than HealthTech.
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The innovation for FinTech companies will continue
To survive in this new era, financial services and FinTech will have to digitize or be left behind in the dust rapidly.
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Digital commerce to become the leading buying channel for many organizations.
Our team will assist you to optimize your eCommerce infrastructure.
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